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Global Water Resources completed an initial public offering for $61 million on December 30, 2010 and raised a further $4 million from an over-allotment option exercised in January of 2011. The issue provides public shareholders with a 48% minority interest in Global Water Resources’ operations. Global Water Resources owns and operates regulated water, wastewater and recycled water utilities in strategically located growth corridors, principally in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, serving 39,000 connections. The Company has also commercialized and sells to municipally-owned utilities its award-winning technology enabled package of services called FATHOM U2UTM (utility to utility); an integrated suite of technology services that offer an immediate increase in operating efficiencies and revenues and decrease in cost by automating back office activities, including customer service and billing and remittance management.

XPS Group provided a number of services to GWR leading up to the IPO including pricing analyses, purchase price allocations, annual goodwill impairment testing, valuation of minority interests, and industry research and analysis in support of discussions with investment bankers and stock analysts. Company President and CEO, Trevor Hill says “We have been extremely pleased with the professional valuation research and advice offered by Mark at XPS Group. His expertise has been relied upon for a number of critical business decisions over the past 4 years leading up to our IPO. He has always made himself readily available; whether required to burn midnight oil for a short deadline or to travel to
Phoenix for work on the ground.”